Super Hera Pheri Review: Super Hera Pheri is not as fun as the first one. The trio of Raju, Shyam and Baburao are again in top form. But they can not do anything to mutter the riots of laughter as in the drama of the kidnappings in Hera Pheri of Priyadarshan. Maybe it’s the change of director (this time, the screenwriter gets into the director’s coat). But we are not so sure either, since Priyadarshan, who had almost perfected the art of comedy, also failed miserably this week.

The problem with super Phir Hera is that Pheri lies in his gags. There are no antics or wits. In fact, the second half is literally a comedy of errors where there is nothing to laugh about. Unless you find a man dressed like a funny gorilla and the trio doing antics in a circus slip.

Ironically, the trio still has its correct chemistry as a group of good guys who do not mind changing the rules a bit to get rich quick. This time, they need money not only because they have wasted all the wealth accumulated in the first film, but also because they want to save the seedhi-sadhi Rimi Sen from a Don that seems to have accidentally cheated.

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At an intermediate moment, the problems of another lady (Bipasha scam) afflict them and end up also looking for their lost diamonds. Too many gifts, too little clarity, too stupid situations, super Phir Hera,  Pheri is really disappointing, despite boasting to be among the best humorous actors of the current generation.

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