Download Agni Rakshas Review: In a drought-stricken kingdom for many years, Arvasu (Milind Soman), a Brahmin in Download Agni Rakshas, loves Nittilai (Sonali Kulkarni), a daughter of the tribe who seeks the approval of his father and village elders before the marry. . Arvasu’s brother Paravasu (Jackie Shroff) dedicated a great sacrifice to the fire, the yajna ceremony, for seven long years to appease the rain god, Indra (Amitabh Bachchan). Raibhya, Arvasu’s father, hates both his children and the suspects of Vishaka’s wife (Raveena Tandon) Parvasu, from having had an affair with Yavakri (Nagarjuna), due to the fact that Yavarki and Vishaka s loved before them. leave the village in Download Agni Rakshas to worship Devraj Indra to reach Brahma Jnana, divine supreme powers. After his return, Yavakri tries to hunt Vishakha regularly on leaving the well. At first, she rejects him but finally gives up and they start making love in the forest. Nittilai and Aravasu see them. Yavakri hates the candor of Nittilai and his doubts about his divine powers. He curses her for dying in a month.

On arriving home, accused of adultery by Raibhya, enraged Vishakha told him that he was with Yavakri in Download Agni Rakshas. An enraged Raibhya calls Brahma Rakshas (Prabhu Deva), an obscure force, to kill Yavarki. He also declares that Yavakri can save himself if he enters his father’s ashram, that will declare him cowardly. Yavakri, wanting to show his strength, is waiting for the devil to arrive. Vishakha warned him and told him to flee to his father’s ashram, which would allow him to live with Riabhya. otherwise, if Yavakri defeats Brahma Rakshas, ​​in Download Agni Rakshas, Raibhya should self-immolate. But Yavakri refuses to put himself on the defensive and a quarrel of mistrust breaks out between Yavakri and Vishakha, which leads to an act of defiance on the part of Vishakha. The demon kills Yavakri as he runs for refuge in his father’s ashram. Vishakha begs Arvasu to cremate him; this delays his appointment with Nittilai’s father and the elders of his village and, therefore, is obliged to marry a type of tribe.

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