Aurat Ki Zaban (2019) Telugu Hindi Folded Full Movie | Gopichand, Taapsee Pannu

Aurat Ki Zaban (2019) Review: 
The story of  Aurat Ki Zaban (2019) is about Bujji, the only son of a rich and influential farmer, Anjaneya Prasad. The family is united and has strong values and attachments. Bujji meets Raja Rajeshwari in unexpected circumstances and falls in love with her. Raja Rajeshwari is the daughter of a powerful politician, Chamundeshwari and Shankar Rao. Families agree with marriage and when everything seems nice and happy, unexpected circumstances cause a break between them. Jo enters this scenario, who is madly in love with Bujji. This further intensifies the tensions. The rest of the film is whether Bujji resolves disputes between families and recovers his wife.

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