Bichagada Majaka is the low-budget cinema. Touch screens this Friday with other movies. Videos and other advertising events are already coming to young people. Arjun Reddy and Neha appear in lead roles. Suman played a crucial character. The managing department is under the control of KS Nageswara Rao. Cameraman’s job managed by A Vijay Kumar. The melodies and background music are given by Sri Venkat. For review, evaluation, history and public discussions, users can check here.

Distribution of the movie Bichagada Majaka:

Arjun Reddy
Neha Deshpandey

 Bichagada Majaka team:

Director: KS Nageswara Rao
AOP: Adusumilli Vijay Kumar
Publisher: Marthanad K Venkatesh
Music: Sri Venkat
Executive Producer: S M Basha
Producer: B Chandra Sekhar
Banner: All Variety Movie Creators
Presenter: S A Rahman

History of the movie Bichagada Majaka:

Sidhu and Avani fall in love at the first meeting. On the other hand, Suman, Avani’s father, made a condition to accept the marriage. What is this condition? Next? Know how to watch a movie

Good points:

Main actors
Supporting actors

Bichagada Majaka Movie Rating: 2/5

Description of the movie Bichagada Majaka:

BM is a movie below average. Even the actors played well, the direction and the scenario shot down the film. The director totally failed in the execution of the film. The editing and the cameramen work are good. The songs and background music did not help save the movie. It is preferable that the general public ignore the film from the list of weekends.

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