Best Doctor Episode 2 Strengths:

Commendable Performance in  Best Doctor Episode 2: Joo Won surprised me as Dr. Park Shi On. I was really touched by his performance and I thought he was doing an amazing job representing a young man with Savant syndrome. It is not often that people with intellectual disabilities receive attention on the screen, especially not in the lead roles. Often, actors who are not disabled tend to exaggerate when they act as a mentally disabled person on the screen. It can even appear involuntarily as a parody in some cases, which is unfortunate. Fortunately, this was not the case with Joo Won, who proved to be a competent and versatile actor on more than one occasion.

In Best Doctor Episode 2, I like that Joo Won’s performance is natural; I really thought he was a person with Savant syndrome. It did not seem that someone was simply claiming that condition, as is often the case in other cases. None of his movements seemed unauthentic or too extreme. All spasms, facial expressions and intonations worked together to create an inspiring representation. A scene that really surprised me was Shi On’s first meeting with his father after being hospitalized. While standing there frozen at the door, he presents a variety of ticks and nervous behaviors to express his fear and discomfort and was incredibly difficult to see, because of the way he felt real and boring.

I know that Joo Won’s commitment to the character has played a huge role in my sincere affinity for Shi On. There was a kindness and innocence he injected into Shi On, which made him even more friendly and I am very grateful for his dedicated and honest performance in Best Doctor Episode 2

I must also congratulate Choi Ro Woon, who played the young Shi On. This child was honestly spectacular in such a difficult role. Like Joo Won, he provided facial expressions, intonations and gestures so convincing that they felt truly authentic and credible. It was hard not to cry every time I was on the screen because most of his scenes were very sad and he looked so helpless and innocent.

I was surprised that a young child could play such a difficult role, but Ro Woon really went further, offering viewers a nice and moving performance like the young Shi On.

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