Bagawat Ek Jung Review: 

In Bagawat Ek Jung, Munna (Prabhas) is a university student whose goal is to end the mafia Don Kakha (Prakash Raj), who keeps the entire city under his control.

An honest politician in Bagawat Ek Jung, Srinivasa Rao (Kota Srinivasa Rao) works tirelessly to denounce Kakha, but he is killed. Meanwhile, Munna’s classmate Nidhi (Ileana D’Cruz) falls in love with him. The problem is that Kakha is none other than Munna’s separated father who is trying to sell his mother (Kaveri) and who is responsible for his death and Munna’s younger sister.

Another gift in the town called Aatma (Rahul Dev), who is Kakha’s opposition in Bagawat Ek Jung, asks Munna to join him, but he rejects his proposal. The mental game begins. The second wife of Kakha (Sukanya), his son and daughter leave him and join Munna. After a few incidents, including the death of her best friend, Munna discovers that Aatma was working for Kakha. Both plan to kill Munna in a factory, when suddenly Aatma will turn against Kakha and Munna. Kakha kills Aatma for treason, then Kakha commits suicide and dies as a result of having lost everything for which he worked in his life. In the end, Munna manages to take revenge on Kakha.

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