Allu ki Aayari Review:

One day in Allu ki Aayari, while conducting telephone surveillance in South Block, New Delhi, Commander Jai Bakshi (Sidharth Malhotra), an officer in the DSD Special Operations Unit (Data & Systems Diagnostics), listens to a representative of the Indian Arms lobby, Lieutenant-General Gurinder Singh (retired) (Kumud Mishra), former army officer, who was attempting to bribe the army chief, Pratap Malik (Vikram Gokhale), on behalf of a Czech company, with a bid of 2.5 million USD. Pratap categorically rejects and rejects the offer.

This worries Gurinder in  Allu ki Aayari, Who in turn threatens to expose the existence of the DSD to the general public. I suspect a big scam involving the Indian army. After 2 months of continuous surveillance, he becomes a thug with his girlfriend Sonia, cyber expert (Rakul Preet Singh), and fled to London. Captain Maya (Pooja Chopra) informs Colonel Abhay Singh (Manoj Bajpayee), his team leader and Jai’s mentor, that Jai is a thief and steals extremely sensitive data from the DSD office. Abhay activates his intelligence network and launches a human hunt in Jai. He finally learns to know his escape with Sonia. He opens Jai’s house but finds nothing. All the while, a special investigator of the brigade. K Srinivas, spy on Abhay’s movements and keep informing Gurinder. However, Abhay exceeds Srinivas and manages to escape successfully. The DSD then changes office to go to an unknown place. Seeing that his plan to capture Abhay fails, Gurinder contacts an influential journalist, Kamya, and provides him with confidential information, revealing the secrets of the army.

While all this is going on, General Malik meets with Abhay and reports on the end of the DSD, foreign participation in the Indian defense agreements and Lieutenant-General Gurinder Singh’s participation alongside the powerful arms dealer Mukesh Kapoor , based in London (Adil Hussain), who is the biggest culprit of all this fiasco. Abhay has promised to denounce the guilty in order to protect the integrity of the Indian army. After the meeting, while Srinivas is still pursuing him, Abhay goes to the DSD office, where he informs his team that they have been rejected and the government denies their existence. Abhay and Maya alert all their sources and order them to remain discreet to avoid being detected. Abhay flies to London in search of Jai, while DSD members stay in India.

In London, Jai calls and threatens Gurinder by renegotiating an agreement, revealing that he has disturbed Gurinder’s home. Gurinder, frightened, accepts and reluctantly transfers the money to Jai’s account. Abhay arrives in London and with the help of Tariq Bhai (Anupam Kher), a London-based immigrant and middleman for intelligence agents, tries to locate Jai and Sonia, but fails and alerts Jai. Abhay, desperate, meets Mukesh Kapoor and informs him that Jai has incriminating sensitive data detrimental to his activity. He therefore asks him to remove Jai, in addition to revealing Gurinder’s capture by DSD. However, Abhay informs Sonia of the threat to Jai’s life and orders him to lure her into a secret location. Jai’s fixed meeting with an MI-6 officer ends with a shootout that kills two agents. An injured Jai arrives where Abhay and Sonia are waiting for him. Abhay ridicules him as a traitor who justifies his actions and calls the previous generation responsible for mass corruption in India. He also wonders about the legacy that the older generation plans to leave to young people, forcing Abhay to agree with him.

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