Movie Review: Tollwyood has not had a star son for a long time. If you did not know how it was supposed to be, Akhil will teach you a lesson, even if it’s bad. Here is the recipe: since this is a first hero, have a nice fresh face in front of him as a protagonist. Then, for him to look heroic and encompass everything, have many action sequences, make him a good boy, tell him a sweet and sad story and ultimately , give him the ability to do anything in the blink of an eye. and sometimes shows the public that he knows how to dance well. Basically, you have to tell the world this: look, here’s the new demi-god.

While it’s amazing to be able to give celebrity status to a person even before their first outing, it’s amazing to see that the film has such members that even a star hero would probably run away: an easy escape from a killer fish, an easier ability to earn RS 4 lakh in a short time and then the easiest skill to fight helpless against a monstrous panther.

Not only that, like any other Telugu movie, a lot of things are happening here. While Akil (Akhil) tries to seduce Sayyeshaa (Divya), there is a parallel story of an African stone (Jua) that is crucial to the existence of humanity. When the two stories are closely linked, Divya becomes an important part of the puzzle and, of course, Akhil will jump to the eye when he gets involved. Although the premise is quite absorbing from the beginning, it is the treatment that fails. The love story is what gives Akhil the opportunity to do everything he has to do. From the fight against all odds for the lady he loves to demonstrate that he can do everything for the survival of humanity, everything is offered.

Interestingly, Akhil brings to the Akkineni family this new envelope to which they are not usually associated: that of family references. If Akkineni’s song is the best example of it, Father Papa Nagarjuna makes a brief appearance, but this is another case where Akhil’s friend says: “The chain of valla nanna lagadu, videm lagutado teledu” (an obvious reference to Nag’s iconic scene, Siva) sums it up perfectly.

Akhil just has too much to do, much more than he can chew. But it still shines and gives a commendable act for a newcomer. Sayyeshaa, however, is a surprise even though he does not have much to do. She emulates very well and dances like a dream.

Director VV Vinayak also wants to do a lot of things: telling an exciting story, creating stunning visual effects, creating elaborate sets for songs, and more importantly, launching a star hero. And he does everything in his power to bring the praasa cliché (familiar alliteration), the spray dialogues and splashing into the comedy that transforms actors like Rajendra Prasad, Brahmanandam, Vennela Kishore, Mahesh Manjrekar and Sapphagiri into actors. When that fails and the film moves forward, you realize that it gives you another regular fare with no emotional connection, no strong narration, and worse, a weak story.

For someone who has brought films such as Tagore and Aadi to the screen among other good films, it is disappointing to see only beautiful scenes without content. This gives the film an elegant appearance and brilliant action sequences (congratulations to the action choreographer), but that’s it. Well, it shines, but as they say, all that glitters is not gold.

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