ZEE5’s “Abhay” web series, starring Kunal Kemmu as a Special Task Force police officer and indefatigable investigator of incredibly complicated crime cases, is a thriller that squanders its full potential by letting itself go ‘excess. Manufacturers almost seem to appreciate describing depravity in detail.

The first episode was a take-off in the notorious case of Pandher: a businessman and his assistant abducted dozens of children, mistreated them, and standing in the stomach, cutting and eating them.

This level of depravity is, in my opinion, not filmable. And the first episode in which the cannibal criminal man (played by Deepak Tijori) on Friday (Gopal Singh) cut the boy’s body filled me with repulsion, not so much for the wild act of violence as for the demarcation of the screen .

Producer B.P. Singh is a kind of crime specialist on Indian television. His “CID”, which is considered the longest-running Indian TV show, has been looked forward to by families.

On the two episodes I saw from Singh’s “Abhay” web series, it sounds like a celebration of depravity. Young children are tortured and killed, a woman chained to a bed and licked by the tongue like a cat by a maniac, parents hit their heads with a pressure cooker their son while a “Bhajan” plays with the background would have been the song “Tujhe suraj kahun ya chanda mera naam karega roshan”).

In addition, the protagonist Abhay, who constantly frowns as if he was eating something that did not upset him in the morning, must face his own demon (played by the Iranian actress Elnaaz Norouzi).

The second episode, still based on a real crime, has the talented Anshuman Jha as the “honhaar beta” mentioned above that hurts his parents and keeps a girl in captivity, who has become friends with social networks. the House. .

Anshuman begins to be cold in the avatar of his sociopath. The evil gleam in his eyes serves as a broad warning that something is wrong here. Maybe he knows what we do not know.


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