Sarrainodu Review: We do not go to movies like Sarrainodu to think about the script’s treatment, nor to look for a brilliant story. You opt for the hero and those “massive” moments where you see the hero become the superhero. These are films made to serve the public, which, regardless of the quality of the film, changes the day of the premiere of his star’s movie in Diwali. So, does Sarrainodu serve you well? Yes, but it’s an overdose of everything.

Nowadays, more than heroes, the villains are designed to be more elegant and softer. When the movie begins, we discover one of these villains, Vairam Dhanush (played by Tamil actor Aadhi). Dhanush, son of the CM of the state, is the embodiment of evil. It is a terrestrial shark that will stop at nothing to get what he wants. And we have our indestructible and fair hero (actually, he’s just calling it the superhero) Win, played by Allu Arjun. The two intersect and the suites are at the heart of Sarrainodu.

Obviously, director Boyapati Srinu makes fun of universal laws such as gravity. Cars and villains continue to fly and die throughout  Sarrainodu in these randomly placed combat sequences. Quit fighting scenes that defy logic, even the story is not close to logic. Allu Arjun kills a guy at random at a party and no one touches an eyelid. According to the director, a vice-commissioner of a state is all he needs to overthrow the prime minister.



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